Four Essential Reasons Leading to Slab Leak in Arlington, TX

Four Essential Reasons Leading to Slab Leak in Arlington, TX

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Slab leaks are a common problem for homeowners. Their frequent occurrence and shorter lifespan of repairs make them nothing less than a nightmare. They have the potential to cast substantial damage to your home and property. A slab leak in Arlington, TX is caused by a number of reasons and requires immediate professional assistance to limit the consequences.

However, a major problem faced by the homeowners when it comes to slab leaks in Arlington, TX is the fact that it’s not easy to detect these leaks.

Slab leaks take place in the underground plumbing network. It is not possible for you to keep an eye on the status of the pipelines running below the flooring or behind the walls. This is why slab leak can go unnoticed until the leakage starts to cause significant damage. This necessitates that you have a frequent inspection of a slab leak in Arlington, TX by the trained professionals.

Only they will know what places to look at and how to detect a potential leak. Having regular inspection can help you curtail the possibilities of slab leaks and minimize the associated damages.

Plumbing repairs are, by no means, reasonable. They can give you major financial setbacks and disrupt your routine life substantially. The best way to combat them is to be well-informed about your home plumbing system. The more you know the better you’ll be able to control the damage.

To help you in knowing your plumbing network better and limit the possibilities of slab leaks in Arlington, TX, we have accumulated some of the common causes of leakages encountered in slabs. Let’s have a look at them below.

1.   The Fault in Construction

The quality of pipes has a colossal role in determining how well your plumbing is going to serve you. If the builder has used poor quality of pipes and has not taken adequate measures to ensure proper installation, there is a high possibility for you to encounter slab leaks sooner than later.

If the pipes during the installation are bent, kinked or dented in any manner, they become more prone to have leaks. The bent areas ultimately become weaker and potentially burst because of their inability to sustain the pressure.

Therefore, if you’re planning to build your home or having your plumbing system reinstalled or renovated, it’s important to have a detailed overview of the quality of pipes being installed by the contractor. You must emphasize on getting the durable pipe to avoid slab leak in Arlington, TX. It’s better to make a good investment in the beginning rather than encountering losses in the hands of repairs and leaks in the longer run.

Also, it’s never too late to have your existing plumbing system inspected by the professionals. They can examine your entire piping network and determine if there are any improperly installed pipes. Replacing them timely can prevent bigger problems from surfacing.

2.   External Pressure on the Plumbing System

When it comes to water pipes in your home, it isn’t just the water pressure they have to endure. There are several other forces on the pipes, too. Firstly, the pressure of the water itself plays an integral role in wearing out the pipe, and then there are environmental factors that cast pressure on the pipelines.

Events like earthquakes, land shifting, the soil shifting, flooding, water intrusion, and ground setting can actually cause slab leak in Arlington, TX. Undergroundstream and soil erosion are also the types of pressure that tend to cause damage to the pipes and lead to a slab leak.

The only way to avoid this cause of slab leak in Arlington, TX is to take dedicated measures in maintaining a regular professional inspection and maintenance.

3.   The Quality of Water

Water itself can be detrimental to the home plumbing system and lead to slab leaks in Arlington, TXBesides the pressure that the pipes have to sustain, the pH value of water has a huge say in how the water will be affecting the pipe. For the water flow that has high acidic or high alkaline value can result in corroding your pipes and leading them towards leakage.

You can self-check the pH level of water by keeping a close eye on the areas such as bathtub and sinks. If you see blue or green stains forming on and around these areas, it means the water is acidic. It’s best that you get a professional on board to give you a detailed and authentic report on your water quality.

4.   Corrosion and Abrasion

Water pipes have the potential to corrode especially if there are copper pipes used in the plumbing system. Moreover, the fact that slab leak usually takes place in the hot water pipelines, the possibility of corrosion increases. There is a reaction between the heat of the water and the material of the pipes which can provoke corrosion and eventually lead to slab leaks in Arlington, TX.

Abrasion, on the other hand, is the ability of the pipes to contract and expand as the water passes through them. This causes the pipes to rub against the ground surface made of rock and concrete. Continued rubbing consequently leads to leaking. The hot water pipes are more exposed to this risk because of the fact that the internal heat causes the pipes to expand more.

The Final Word

Besides all these common causes, another important factor that you need to bear into consideration is the time period. All pipes, irrespective of their quality, have a lifespan. They can only function well up to a certain limit and then start wearing off. This leads to slab leaks in Arlington, TX.

To minimize the possibility of slab leaks, it is imperative that you keep your plumbing system well maintained. Slab Leak offers professional plumbing services to the people of Fort Worth and Arlington, TX. With years of experience and a highly skilled team, we’re the ultimate solution provider for all your plumbing related queries. Contact us today for more information and estimates.