Expert Slab Leak Repair in Arlington, TX

Expert Slab Leak Repair in Arlington, TX

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The words: slab and leak, are two words every homeowner dreads hearing come from a plumbers’ mouth. Slab leak repair is defined by a hole or leak in the pipes inside the walls or a puncture in the pipes underneath a home.

Slab leaks damage a homes’ foundation. The longer the problem is left untreated, the worse the damage done to the property. The problem with burst lines running below the foundation of the home is that the leaked water can corrode the walls, flooring, and other expensive home furnishings.

There are two types of slab leaks: potable water and sewer drain leaks. Both require professional slab leak repair. There are a few warning signs to keep an eye out for when suspecting a burst pipe.


Red Flags for Slab Leak Repair

  • Constantly turning water meters are a huge indicator that the problem might be a slab leak. If the meter is continually turning over, check to make sure the toilets are not leaking through the flapper. Turn off the water flowing to the toilets. Ensure that the water is not running anywhere inside the house and that the water pressure system is entirely shut off. If the meter continues to turn after the water is off, it may indicate a necessary slab leak repair.
  • Sometimes heat escapes from cracks in the flooring and can cause hot spots in the floors and walls. This is most likely a slab leak near the hot water line.
  • Water dripping down walls and puddles in unusual places around the home can mean there’s a burst pipe needing attention.
  • Sky-high water bills are caused by burst pipes and drips. A tiny puncture in a faulty pipe at a rate of 40 pound-force per square inch wastes 3000 gallons in a single day.
  • A good indication of a slab leak is the sound of continual running water when the taps are not in use.
  • Unexplained outbreaks of mold or mildew throughout the property.
  • Keep an eye out for cracked bricks or fractures in the foundation.


Putting off fixing a slab leak is expensive! Burst pipes incur huge water bills and can further damage your plumbing system and potentially damage your homes’ foundation and increase the costs associated with burst pipes, faulty joints, and slab leaks.


New Technology to Resolve Slab Leaks gets to the source of the problem by using new technology like slab leak testing, hydrostatic drain testing, pressure leak testing, and navigating the plumbing network using high-definition video cameras to reduce the damage created by slab leak repair.

Excessive water use puts too much pressure on the plumbing system which naturally corrodes over time. Broken pipes frequently let water flow underneath the home’s foundation which causes the pipe to move and possibly break.

Damp floors, discolored flooring, and foul smells are problems that will increase the severity of the damage done by a burst pipe. Undiscovered slab leaks are often the worst plumbing problems to have due to the wreckage they cause to homes.


Contributing Causes of Leaking Pipes

Soil corrosion, hard water build-up, excess pressure, tree roots invading the pipes, animals crawling into the pipes, and the earth’s underground movements leads to all sorts of plumbing woes, including necessary slab leak repair.

An easy way to make sure your home does not have a slab leak is to schedule routine plumbing maintenance checks every year. Focusing on the health of your clean water and sanitation services annually will prevent any excess damage from occurring and provide an early resolution to the issue.



“We knew when we bought our home that it had serious plumbing problems. In fairness, what my husband Googled about slab leak repair was helpful, it was just a decade old, so the prices were wrong! We needed a plumber who would work with us throughout the renovation process. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find a flexible plumber. We came upon and they had a great promotion, so we scheduled a slab leak repair. They were so accommodating, efficient, and affordable. We’re continually flipping houses in the area and we have already hired for another big job in Dallas.”

Haley Jacks, Arlington, TX, October 2019


“Our worst nightmare escaped the plumbers’ lips when he told us one of our main plumbing joints underneath the house was burst. We had moved a few years ago because our starter home needed a slab leak repair and a lot of other costly improvements. So, we knew what we were getting into. The first plumber who found the leak, unfortunately, got sick during the repair. My uncle suggested we call and ask them if they can fit us in quickly because they helped her with a plumbing emergency. The repair was conducted efficiently and affordably. If I must have another burst pipe fixed it will be completed by!”

Ted Meeks, Dallas, TX, August 2019


Protecting Your Home

Annual maintenance for your plumbing network is the only way to fully protect your home from water damage and burst pipes. A professional will examine your plumbing and identify any problems with cameras and other tools to help them navigate the pipes under the floor and inside the walls.

Paying attention to the ordinary sounds of your plumbing can help protect your home. If you hear running water when the water is totally shut off and the toilet has not been recently flushed, then you might need to consult an expert.

It can be difficult trying to figure out why the water pressure is nonexistent, or why the toilets won’t flush, or why the dishwasher refuses to empty but has a team of highly skilled and attentive plumbers who will sort you out.


Please reach out to to discuss any concerns you might have about your plumbing and how it works. We take pride in being friendly and affordable while offering a spectacular service that genuinely helps the Arlington, TX community.