Everything You Need To Know About Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

Everything You Need To Know About Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

In areas where the ground is not completely stable, a common concern of homeowners is slab leaks. In Arlington, TX homes that were constructed using concrete slabs as a base to prevent the walls in the basement from cracking as a consequence of shifts in the ground, slab leaks are a part of everyday living. This is why the number of a reputable contractor experienced in slab leak repair should be kept handy at all times.

The use of concrete slabs as bases for many homes started shortly after the end of World War II because it was faster to build and cheaper than the traditional foundation. To make it, the concrete is poured directly on the surface where the structure will be built. The greatest problem is when the plumbing lines are placed under the concrete, making it very difficult to reach them to correct any problems and exposing them to unexpected shifts in the ground. When this happens, the joints of the plumbing line or the pipes themselves may crack and start to leak, becoming one of the biggest problems any homeowner can face, other than a major natural disaster, a slab leak.

The problem only gets worse when the leak goes undetected and it starts to erode the ground under the slab. As the erosion continues, the support for the concrete slab weakens, causing the slab itself to crack, opening the door for all that water to flow into your home, which can permanently damage the structure, as well as cause serious damage to your floors and walls, as well as your furniture and everything else you have in your home. The severity of a slab leak is such that it should never be left to fester, and you should definitely never try to fix it yourself unless you are an experienced slab leak repair professional.

Your Plumbing System Can Cause Slab Leaks Without You Knowing It

One of the most common causes of slab leaks, other than shifting soil, is a home’s plumbing system, mostly due to the material of the pipes themselves. The problem resides in the fact that, unless you were there when the plumbing system was installed, you very likely don’t know what your pipes are made of, where they run, and how well they were installed. In most homes that were built before the 1960s, plumbing systems were usually made with cast iron or galvanized steel pipes, which are quite susceptible to corrosion from chemicals in the water and ground, as well as clogging, which can cause cracks in the pipes and leaks. Today, the most corrosion-resistant pipes are made out of copper or plastic, and while they are not as problematic as the others, special care must be used when they are installed to prevent dents and other damage that could wear down later on, causing a leak. In any case, once your pipes start leaking, you are going to require slab leak repair as fast as you can.

Shifting Soil Is the Most Common Reason for Slab Leaks

Even though your Arlington, TX home’s plumbing system is one of the main causes of slab leaks, the main cause has always been the shifting of the ground beneath your home. It has been estimated that about 25% of all homes built in the United States have at some point been damaged due to this cause. This factor alone causes more loss of property in a year than any natural disaster, including hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes combined. This is because soils that expand have a tendency to absorb water, which makes the soil move even more, weakening the plumbing system of any home, especially those built on a concrete slab.

A slab leak can continue to pour water into the soil beneath a house, making the soil expand even further. In the end, if left unattended, it will cause significant damage to the structure and the foundation. It has happened that it can get so bad that the floor of the home bursts like a volcano of water flooding the house and creating untold damage to the property. Because of this, homeowners should never ignore a slab leak and should hire a good slab leak repair professional at the first sign of something wrong.

How to Know If You Are In Need of Repair

Because most homeowners have never been familiarized with the terms related to a slab leak, it can happen that they don’t notice their home has a major problem that will require professional slab leak repair.

Sometimes the leaks that are under a concrete slab are so slow that they can chip away at the ground for years before anybody realizes what is happening. Because of this, it is a good idea to check what’s going on if you suddenly notice any of the following warning signs:

  • You notice an increase in your water utility bill but you aren’t using any more water than you usually use.
  • At night, you hear the sound of running water but nobody left any faucets running.
  • You start to notice cracks in your foundation. They could be almost invisible hairline cracks or major ones. Either way, cracks are definitely a sign of a problem.
  • Your rugs and other floor coverings feel wet or look discolored.
  • Some areas of your floor feel warm, more than usual.
  • You start to perceive bad odors coming from your walls or floor.
  • The lawn around your foundation starts to look uneven.
  • You can notice a shift in the soil around your house.

If you notice one or more of these warning signs of a slab leak in your home you should get a professional’s opinion on slab leak repair right away. A pro will have all the equipment necessary to detect any leaks in your plumbing system that could be affecting your home’s structure.

Are You Looking For Slab Leak Repair?

If your Arlington, TX home was built on a concrete slab and you have seen some of the warning signs mentioned above you may require an inspection to detect any slab leak repair problems. Don’t wait any longer and contact SlabLeak.com today for professional slab leak repair and prevent your home from suffering damages that could be too severe to repair!

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