Do You Have A Slab Leak? Telltale Slab Leak Detection Signs That You Do | Mansfield, TX

Do You Have A Slab Leak? Telltale Slab Leak Detection Signs That You Do | Mansfield, TX

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Concrete slab foundations come with multiple benefits for your home, including protection from pests underneath the house’s foundation and fewer steps required to enter your home since the foundation is close to the ground. Apart from being tough to support the structural integrity of your home, concrete slab foundations can be susceptible to damages, including water leakages.

If you have plumbing systems in your home you could probably face leakage issues one or multiple times in the future. Household leaks can waste about one trillion gallons of water yearly throughout the US. Amongst household leaks are slab leaks. Without prompt slab leak detection, you may have to deal with more problems as the leaks advance.

Some of the issues include health hazards, significant repair costs, bad air quality, and extreme structural damage. For that reason, let’s dig right into how you can be certain it’s time to get slab leak detection services from a professional plumber in Mansfield, TX.

A Water Bill Surge

Amongst the residential utility bills you settle monthly, water bills can be a nuisance, especially if the expenses keep on hiking each month. The probable cause of a water leak could be perforated or burst pipes in your home’s plumbing system. Upon noticing hiked water bills, you can look out for visible signs on plumbing fixtures and fittings, including dripping taps and running toilets.

If all plumbing fittings and fixtures are working efficiently and effectively, it’s time to reach out to a professional to conduct a detailed evaluation of the whole plumbing system. For invisible assessments such as detection of a slab leak, the professionals utilize detectors to identify the exact leaking spots. After identifying the leaking areas, the plumber will ensure all the leaks are sealed appropriately and replace the necessary parts and components.

Hot Spots On Some Parts of The Floor

Sometimes you may hop out of your bed bare feet at midnight and hop into the kitchen located on the ground floor, to get a snack or a hot cup of coffee. When you step on the kitchen floor, you may realize some sections are warm. If you don’t have floor heating systems, it’s probably an indicator your underground hot water pipes are leaking. You shouldn’t assume such an incidence because, over time, the leakages continue worsening.

You may have to deal with expensive repairs, and your beautiful house could be at risk of collapsing due to a weak foundation. The next stop when the sun rises should be at a reliable plumbing repair company where you’ll request detection services. The assigned plumber should identify the leaking areas and professionally fix them to curb such problems in the future. To speed up the detection process, you can mark the warm parts you notice on your floor.

Sounds Of Rushing Water

When you get home after a long and tiresome day at work or school, all you need is silence as you relax while enjoying your favorite Netflix movie with a bowl of popcorn in your hands. Well, abnormal noises can be irritating. Apart from that, the strange noises should alert you that there could be a faulty appliance in your home. However, sometimes the problem could stem from plumbing pipes hidden in your home’s foundation.

To be certain it’s a slab leak, you should turn off all water sources in your home, including dishwashers, washing machines, and faucets, and go to the ground floor to listen keenly for sounds of rushing water. Running water is a legit sign that you have a slab leak. The best person to help you solve this problem is a slab leak detection and repair specialist.

Moist and Water-Pooled floors

Usually, the floor in your home should be dry. However, leakages in plumbing pipes beneath can make them moist. If you assume this problem, you may find pools of water on your home’s ground floor. It can render your home unsafe for habitation, especially if you have kids playing around or your aged grandparents or parents walking from room to room, since they may suffer slip and fall injuries. The injuries could worsen and become permanent, causing you more healthcare and home nursing expenses.

In addition to that, the moisture could make the floor a great breeding ground for mold and mildew. Afterward, you’ll start noticing odors that in turn deteriorate air quality in your home. Respiratory problems could also arise, particularly if your dwellers in your home have underlying conditions such as asthma. To prevent all these health dangers, you should look for a slab leak detection professional to offer immediate foundation leak detection and repair solutions.

Reduced Water Pressure

Although you can blame the company that supplies water to your home when the water pressure gets low, there could be a problem within your plumbing system. These could include leakages, clogs, defective pressure regulators, and half-open main water shut-off valves. Under leakage problems, Your underground pipes could be cracked or burst. If water pressure issues are identified and fixed promptly, you may have to deal with frustrating inconveniences while in the toilet, showering, or washing your utensils.

Since there are multiple issues related to low water pressure, you should look for a slab leak detection plumber to do the job perfectly the first time. The slab leak detection expert will first inspect the fixtures and later on use slab leak detectors to assess pipes beneath your home’s foundation for any leakage possibilities.

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