Consequences of Slab Leaks and How Professional Slab Leak Detection Service Can Help | Arlington, TX

Consequences of Slab Leaks and How Professional Slab Leak Detection Service Can Help | Arlington, TX

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Leaks can lead and point to severe issues in your home. You, therefore, need to ensure that they are handled swiftly and correctly. In most cases, even the smallest leaks can lead to substantial issues that often worsen with time. These leaks can lead to the structural damage of your home and any other items you value in the house. It also leads to mildew and mold in the house. This can not only ruin the physical structure of the home but can also lead to health issues. One of the hardest things to do in Arlington, TX, is slab leak detection.

What Are Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks occur when plumbing or pipes within the foundation of the home are leaking. This is a significant issue because slab leak detection is complicated and is quite challenging to reach. Repairing the leak once it has been detected can help solve the problem once and for all. The difficult part is reaching the sewer line. All you have to do is locate the area of the leak. A professional will break their way through the slab to make the repairs.

How to Know if You Need a Slab Detection Professional

You Have a Spike in Water Bills

This is the easiest way to find out if there is a leak in your home if the water bill has gone up drastically. If there are no leaks identifiable above the ground, a slab leak could be the cause for the hiked water bills.

Water Spots

In some cases, you will notice some damp and wet areas that show up on the floor. These could be because of the leaking hot water lines. Sometimes, in addition to seeing these lines, you will be able to feel the heat underneath the floor. In some cases, you will feel the sound of rushing water.


If it is the sewer lines causing the issue, it can be challenging to see the damage on the foundation. This is because the leaks are not usually visible. You will only see the swilling in areas that have soil that expands. The swelling is a result of heaving. It causes the slab to swell. Keep an out for areas on the floor that are abnormally raised as it could be the sign of potential slab leaks.


A professional specialized in slab leak detection will check for other areas of damage with a specialized device. The process will involve turning off the water in your home and pumping air into the lines. This will force out the remaining air. With the device, the plumber will listen to the sounds that are made when the air escapes the pipes. If there are any damages, they will be heard.

Issues that arise when slab leak detection is not done properly

  • Ruined flooring
  • Foundation damage
  • Damaged yard
  • Mold and mildew
  • Odors

Why Hire Us?

We Save You Time and Money

By explaining your problem to a good slab leak detection professional, they will be able to establish its root cause, what is needed to fix it, and how they could fix it quickly. This knowledge will help a competent professional in Arlington, TX, to save you a lot of time since they will fix the problem quickly and at less cost. A plumber who is specialized in slab leak detection will also increase the likelihood that you will not have to incur the issue again shortly.

Since you have a low understanding of plumbing, the manual you may be trying to read can sound too complicated for you. Therefore, you may end up doing more damage than helping the situation, as you would want. The damage you cause will be more costly to fix than if you had just called a professional to fix the problem initially. A good plumber will know what is wrong by listening to you explain the problem. They will then be able to fix the problem and get the issues done away with without making you encounter any additional costs.

Give You Peace of Mind

When you get your cousin or brother or just a friend to fix the plumbing at your home, you will always be waiting for things to fall apart because you know they are not professionals and thus may not have had such a great idea of what they were doing. This could make you keep checking and be dreadful of that day. With a professional, you are left feeling content that the services you received were done by a professional and that you can rest assured things will not be falling apart for a long time.


Your drainage problems may be complicated. A professional is not just an expert because they work for some fancy company and charge slightly more than other fake plumbers. They are trained and experienced in many plumbing problems, including slab leak detection. This assures you that your problem is not new to them, and they have already faced something like that before and will, therefore, have an easy time fixing the issues you may have. You are also guaranteed that the advice you get from them is professional and can be relied upon to keep plumbing problems at bay.

There are many things that you must consider when you are looking for the perfect plumber in Arlington, TX. With these considerations in mind, you need to find professionals who know what to do. When you have water leaks inside the home or in your yard, you need professionals who can do slab leak detection, come up with lasting solutions, and take the shortest time possible. This is why you should choose us. We have been servicing the Arlington, TX, area for years. Our team of professionals is trained and certified to work on slab leak detection both for commercial and residential premises. Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!