Common Causes and Signs of a Slab Leak in Mansfield, TX

Common Causes and Signs of a Slab Leak in Mansfield, TX

You might consider slab leaks as things which don’t need immediate attention, but little do you know how wrong you are! Ignoring slab leaks can quickly turn into a very  dangerous, not to mention, costly situation.

But what actually are slab leaks?

In the simplest words, when the water line beneath the concrete slab in your home stand on a leak, it causes a slab leak. This is totally different and far more complicated than pinhole leaks which are caused when the pipes above the concrete slab leak.

Upon noticing these leaks, you should immediately reach to a professional dealing in slab leak repair in Mansfield, TX.

What Causes a Slab Leak?

While there can be several different causes of slab leaks in Mansfield, TX and elsewhere, the following are by far the most common:

•       Ground Shift

The weight of your massive home takes a toll on the earth and concrete slab that it was first built upon as the years pass. This ultimately results in settling and ground shift and if the shift is considerable enough, it tends to put pressure on your house’s water lines. This will finally cause cracking and leaks and compel you to worry about slab leak repair in Mansfield, TX.

Moreover, natural disasters such as earthquakes can have a similar effect except that the process will be much faster. It will be done in a few minutes and not take years to cause slab leaks.

•       Faulty Wrapping

Your pipes, particularly the hot water pipes, contract and relax as they supply water to your home. These pipes would buff against the harsh concrete directly if not covered with proper wrapping and this will over time result in crack and slab leaks in Mansfield, TX.

Unluckily, the pipes are not always wrapped the way they should be and vulnerable pipes will definitely leak sooner or later.

•       Nicked Line

Sometimes slab leaks in Mansfield, TX are a result of water line damages caused when they are installed or when the workers lay down the concrete slab. Such damage may not always be significant enough to result in major slab leaks in the early times. However, even the smallest leaks hiding out can cause wear and tear and erode a small nick to the point the crack starts to leak heavily.

•       Electrolysis:

Electrolysis is a chemistry-related procedure. It occurs when the copper in the pipes of your home interacts with minerals in the soil underneath your home. This can trigger a subtle electric reaction and result in steady erosion of the pipes which will ultimately result in slab leaks in Mansfield, TX.

Signs of a Slab Leak

It is best to identify signs of a slab leak as early as possible and get the leaks treated in time because they can lead to widespread damage and require huge repair costs otherwise. If you are confused about a leak in your home, here are 5 common signs you can identify a slab leak in Mansfield, TX with.

•       Damp Carpet or Warped Flooring

If sufficient time is given, your home’s concrete slab will absorb the water leaking under it. Once the concrete slab is fully saturated, the water needs to find a way to pass from and often ends up bathing your flooring and carpets.

Check your flooring and carpets. If they are wet and you have no idea where the water or moisture is coming from, you might a slab leak in Mansfield, TX which you need to get treated.

•       Mold

The water travels up your walls once it has seeped into your flooring. Walls that are dry absorb water swiftly and damp drywalls then lead to mold in the walls. If you have noticed one or more molds in the walls, you should get slab leak repairs in Mansfield, TX.

•       Smell

A musky smell is likely to permeate from wet carpets, wood and other floorings, and the moldy walls that have been affected by the leakage. This will be even worse if your slab leak unfortunately includes a sewer line. In this situation, the smell will be far stronger.

•       Yard Damage

The leaky pipes sometimes lay under your yard instead of the house. This can cause flooding in the yard, mushy patches of the grass that never tend to, and/or spoiled landscaping because of the continuous up-flow of water.

•       Foundation Damage

A concrete slab and the steel supports make up the foundation for your home to rest upon. Thus, the slab leaks in Mansfield, TX can result in foundation cracks and shifts and exhibit bumps or rises in your floor.

Why is it Important to Take Immediate Action?

If you suspect you have a slab leak in Mansfield, TX’s home of yours, you are advised to take immediate action. This is because every passing moment and day contributes to the overall damage your home bears and this means increasing repair costs down the road.

If slab leaks are left untreated for a long time, they may cause serve structural damage not only in the foundation but the walls too. In such scenarios, the windows can even break due to distortion of the walls and the frames of the window.

Why is a Slab Leak Dangerous?

While some totally neglect this fact, slab leaks do have health concerns that follow which can’t and should not be taken lightly. As discussed, such leakages can cause molds and breathing in presence of molds for a prolonged period of time can result in respiratory issues.

In case there is a slab leak in your home and you deliberately leave it untreated, there are high odds of extensive molding and consequential rotting which will begin to harm the supporting structures of your home. This will cause you to bear slab leak repairs in Mansfield, TX that are too costly in addition to bearing medical expenses for health issues you and the family members may face.

If you suspect there is a slab leak in your home or are unsure if the leak is actually a slab leak, it is about time you connect with an expert at Slab Leaks in Mansfield, TX area to check and introduce timely repairs. To avert any damages and associated cost to deal with them in the first place, regular inspection are strongly advised.