Common Causes Identified By Your Slab Leak Repair Company For Home A Slab Leak. | Slab Leak Repair in Arlington, TX

Common Causes Identified By Your Slab Leak Repair Company For Home A Slab Leak. | Slab Leak Repair in Arlington, TX

Being a reputed plumbing service in Arlington, TX, we know that natural disasters are kind of a casual thing here. Simply put, they are a part of life. However, this reality can wreak havoc on the foundation and structural integrity of any home. With a large majority of Arlington, TX homes built on a slab of concrete, it is fairly common for homeowners to run into slab leaks and other such problems that surround it. These slab leaks can strike on hot or cold water lines and can appear on any drain line from any home appliance that uses water.

This is why it is very important for homeowners especially in Arlington, TX to know both what causes slab leaks and how to identify one. This should prepare any homeowner for the level of problems they would have to face to fix the original issue.

What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is an industry term used to describe a leak that was found under a concrete slab or a foundation slab that has been formed due to constant erosion of the copper water lines that are running underneath the basic concrete foundation of your Arlington, TX home. Usually this type of leak is commonly referred to as a pinhole leak if they are above the ground, but other than that it is highly unlikely for someone to spot these undergrounds. These leaks are the same as the leaks above ground, and are usually harmless, but underground, these same type of holes can cause considerable loss also because of the pressure of the water that is going through the pipe gets diminished albeit slightly. They are categorized as pinhole leaks and usually tend to get formed out of erosion of the pipes over long durations.

Slab leaks are usually present on the pressure side or the drainage side of your concrete base this would also be a good place to start looking if you think you need an inspection before asking for an inspection. If the slab leak is on the pressure side of the drains, it can typically be unearthed prior to triggering; a lot of destruction can easily befall the situation as the risk is not exactly minimal. While these leaks are usually located easily and quickly, they can cause a significant amount of damage and therefore become very troublesome for the homeowner as well as the slab leak repair company in Arlington, TX that the homeowner would have hired to take care of the issue. Leaks on the drainage side are considered to be rather more convoluted to identify since they are more veiled. This makes them trickier to identify as even after unearthing it there is a significant amount of soil that has to be removed from the pipe to identify where the original leak is. To stop this from happening and taking a nasty turn for your pocket and home, one should regularly schedule a consultation with the slab leak repair company in Arlington, TX to examine the situation and running of the water and pipes as frequently as possible.

Since slab leaks are not identifiable for most homeowners, they tend to go undetected for the longest periods of time. Leaving a potential slab leak repair in Arlington, TX unattended can lead to much larger problems, such as mold damage and termite infestation. With that said, you can look out for more subtle signs that may indicate you have a slab leak.

What Causes a Slab Leak?

Pre-Damage and Poor Installation
It’s absolutely considered normal for some materials to get a little banged up when building a home, but this can turn out to be a serious thing and can cause problems in the long run.

Ground/Foundation Shifts
We have witnessed multiple cases reporting that a slab leak in Arlington, TX occurs as the result of your house shifting on its foundation, this is usually because there is the slightest shift that in turn exposes the piping to excessive expansion and therefore causes a thinner spread making the piping more and more vulnerable to erosion. However, while pipes are strong and can withstand a lot of things, too much pressure can really take a toll and cause them to leak.

Pipes are usually made out of metal therefore they tend to naturally expand and contract as water flows throughout them depending on the temperature of the water. If the pipes are in a place where they are exposed to concrete, gravel, even other pipes, they could start to expand against their surfaces causing a very dangerous amount of damage to the pipes as well as the surface that the pipe is getting torn against.

Since these pipes are located underground, it’s only natural for them to come into contact with soil. However, the addition of soil can cause the pipes to corrode over time this is usually because of the water retention property of soil which causes slow erosion. This is very common in home plumbing systems with copper pipes.

Signs You Have a Slab Leak

  • Sudden spikes in your water bill
  • Sound of running water when pipes aren’t in use
  • Moisture or mildew under carpeting
  • A moving water meter dial when pipes aren’t in use
  • Standing water around the perimeter of your house
  • Unusually low water pressure
  • Cracks in your baseboard or walls
  • Damp or warm floors
  • Mold Problems / Moldy smell

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