Affordable Slab Leak Repair | Mansfield, TX

Affordable Slab Leak Repair | Mansfield, TX

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Slab leaks pose severe damage to your homes’ foundation, particularly if left untreated. It is every homeowner’s nightmare to hear a plumber utter that the problem might be related to the lines running below the foundation of your home.

Don’t fret! Benjamin Franklin is the Punctual Plumber and our team of experts can help sort out the issue before it can cause any serious damage to your home.

It is important to understand what a slab leak is and being knowledgeable about the signs that might indicate your home needs a slab leak repair. There are two different types of slab leaks: sewer drain leaks and potable water leaks. Both require professional attention from trained professionals.

Indicators You Might Need Slab Leak Repair

  • Hot spots found in floors and walls, sometimes this heat escapes from cracks in the flooring. This is a symptom of a slab leak near the hot water line.


  • Extraordinarily high water rates. Busted pipes can make water bills to skyrocket. A small hole in a broken pipe at a rate of 40 pound-force per square inch wastes nearly 3000 gallons in one 24 hour period.


  • A good indication of a slab leak is the sound of continual running water when the taps aren’t in use.


  • Look out for water dripping down walls.


  • Unexplained outbreaks of mold or mildew throughout your home.


  • Puddles on your floor or carpets.


  • Wet spots can pot up through the flooring, along the walls, and outside the house where the slab is located in your yard.


  • Discolored flooring may potentially mean the leaking water is damaging your floors and possibly the foundation of your home. Unusual colors appearing on walls and floors are a big red flag.


  • If the water meter is continually turning it may be a slab leak or the toilets could be leaking through the flapper. Turn off the toilets. Make certain water isn’t in use anywhere in your home, nor should the water pressure system be running. If the meter continues to turn after you shut the water off this may mean you need immediate repair.

A word to prudent homeowners and the local community, don’t put off repairing a slab leak. While these necessary fixes can be an inconvenience, it can protect your home from a leak causing structural damage to your home.

Keep an eye out for cracked bricks or fractures in the foundation. Our team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is happy to support you by providing a leak detection service. We will happily help you remedy this problem. Our plumbing services, including slab leak repair, are affordable, transparent, and completed by well-trained experts.

Streamlined Plumbing Services for Complicated Fixes

Don’t put off fixing a slab leak! If you do you’ll rack up astronomical water rates, possibly damage your foundation and increase the fees associated with slab leak repair.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Mansfield, TX, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex can get to the root of the issue by using cutting-edge slab leak testing, hydrostatic drain testing, pressure leak testing, and accessing the drains utilizing video cameras to reduce the impact of the repair on your home.

Frequent excessive water use puts pressure on the pipes system which doesn’t last indefinitely. Leaking and broken pipes often allow water to flow underneath your home’s foundation which can cause it to move or potentially break.

Don’t delay if you notice damp floors and baseboards, discoloration to flooring, or foul smells because the longer you wait the more harm is done! Undiscovered or ignored slab leaks cause extensive property damage and may damage your home’s foundation!


“I was in a panic after a quick web search to learn about what I could do to fix the stinky puddles I kept finding throughout the house. There was a yellow spot in the kitchen that was troubling too.

I called Benjamin Franklin to discuss the issue and they sent out a technician to diagnosis the problem. The plumber walked me through the entire process and explained the costs associated with each option.

While it wasn’t cheap, it did cost significantly less than having my home’s foundation repaired. I’m pleased with all the hard work the Benjamin Franklin team has put in to get my plumbing functioning again! I’ll rely on them for all my plumbing needs!

Annabelle Franklin, Mansfield, TX, December 2019

Contributing Factors That Cause Slab Leaks

Slab leaks occur for multiple reasons, including soil corrosion and hard water build-up, excess pressure, tree roots invading the pipes, leaking and broken pipes, and underground movements that can lead to slab leak repair.

An easy way to monitor the health of your unseen pipes is to sign up for Benjamin Franklin’s annual, water pressure inspections and other periodic maintenance tasks to protect your plumbing and your home.

What to Expect from a Slab Leak Repair

A friendly Benjamin Franklin technician will conduct a thorough inspection using the most state-of-the-art techniques and technology in slab leak detection. Depending on the job, our tradespeople use radar sensors, video cameras, and other electronic equipment.

Radar detection focuses on breaking the concrete underneath the floor which helps the plumber locate the leak. A faulty pipe can also be found by utilizing a transmitter wire, or video camera. Also, specialized microphones help our specialists hear where the water is dripping. The area is cordoned off to zone in on where the leaking pipe is located.

The most important part of a slab leak repair is finding the leaking pipe. The next step is to identify whether the leak is a potable water leak or a sewer drain leak. While both types require immediate attention, sewer drain leaks tend to be more destructive and are responsible for the majority of foundation problems.

These leaks can be health hazards as well. There are hygiene concerns associated with slab leaks and the overgrowth of harmful molds and mildew.

Common Slab Leak Repair

A common slab leak repair method is to simply reroute the water and allows the plumbing to completely avoid the bust pipe. Another frequently used method is to apply an epoxy coating to reinforce the pipe. The technician will apply the epoxy to the inside of the broken pipe.

Epoxy coatings protect against pipe leaks in the future because epoxy liners protect your plumbing from damaging minerals that corrode pipes at a faster rate.

Give Benjamin Franklin a call if you suspect you’ve got a slab leak! We’ll help you resolve the issue quickly, affordably, and with a satisfaction guarantee!