7 Signs It’s Time To Call A Professional In Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

7 Signs It’s Time To Call A Professional In Slab Leak Repair | Arlington, TX

Slab foundations are often built on top of a concrete slab, and pipes are roughed in before the concrete slab is poured, and many of the pipes and lines are located underneath your house. If a line or pipe under the house leaks, it can go undetected for a while, damaging your home’s foundation. The best way to prevent severe damage is to recognize the signs early and call a professional in slab leak repair in Arlington, TX.

#1 Your Water Bill Has Increased Significantly

If your water bill increased significantly and you can’t figure out why there could be a slab leak. The leak will cause the water to run 24 hours a day, wasting a significant amount of water. The increase in the bill will depend on the size of the leak, and any significant changes require a call to a professional in slab leak repair in Arlington, TX.

A plumber can use leak detection equipment to find the leak and make the necessary repair before further water damage occurs.

#2 Reduced Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure is a frustrating problem because simple daily household tasks will take longer than usual, such as washing your hair and doing the dishes. Also, your water-based appliances rely on adequate water pressure to function.

Leaks often reduce the water pressure, and if you can’t see any pooling water, there could be a slab leak, requiring a call to a professional in slab leak repair.

When the water leaks in the slab foundation, the water pressure in other areas of the home will be affected, a plumber can use leak detection equipment to verify an active leak and find the affected pipe, so it can be fixed to prevent further water damage, and the water pressure will be restored throughout the house.

#3 Warm or Hot Spots On the Floor

If a hot water line breaks or leaks, hot water will leak through the slab, and the flooring directly above the leak will feel warm or hot to the touch. You’ll feel the most significant difference in temperature on laminate, linoleum, hardwood, and other solid flooring surfaces, and you should hire a slab leak repair professional in Arlington, TX.

Ignoring the problem isn’t an option because the longer the leak persists, the more water damage will occur. A professional in slab leak repair can use special equipment to find the leak and fix it before further damage occurs.

#4 There’s a Mold or Mildew Smell In Your Home

If you smell a musty or moldy smell in your house and can’t find the cause, call a slab leak repair professional. A slab leak will cause moisture to get trapped underneath the floors, resulting in mold growth. This is a severe problem because the mold spores can affect your family’s health, causing:

  • Allergies
  • Burning eyes, nose, and throat
  • Chronic headaches
  • Skin rashes
  • Respiratory issues
  • Weakened immune system
  • Worsens chronic respiratory and lung conditions

Allowing the problem to persist will also cause the mold to spread to other areas of your house, and you’ll need to replace the drywall, flooring, and other areas affected by the mold, which can be very expensive.

A slab leak repair service will send a plumber to your home to test for a slab leak and resolve the problem, preventing the mold from expanding further.

#5 Damaged Flooring

A significant slab leak can damage the flooring above. For example, the carpeting will have damp or dark spots, and solid flooring, like laminate, linoleum, and hardwood, will feel wet or warped.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to hire a slab leak repair professional immediately, to prevent further damage.

#6 You Hear Running Water

If you hear running water in your house, check all fixtures to ensure the water isn’t running. If it’s not, there’s likely a slab leak, and you should call a slab leak repair service immediately.

They will send a plumber to your home to find the leak so it can be repaired before further water damage and mold growth occurs. Also, having the problem resolved quickly will prevent your water bills from increasing.

#7 Puddles Outside or Inside

Are there puddles in the yard near your home, even though it hasn’t rained recently? If so, there could be a slab leak. The same is true if you see puddles on the main floor near plumbing appliances.

You’ll need a plumber to find the leak quickly to prevent further water damage that can be expensive to repair. Also, making the call right away will prevent further mold growth.

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