3 Ways to Fix a Slab Leak in Mansfield, TX

3 Ways to Fix a Slab Leak in Mansfield, TX

To build a beautiful house or a building, it is imperative to have a solid concrete foundation. The safety of the occupants is after all, of utmost priority. However even concrete measures can fall mundane in comparison to the pervasive nature of water.

A pipe breaking underneath the concrete foundation of your home can lead to water seeping to the ground and eventually to the home’s foundations. A leak of this nature is called a slab leak. Residents of Mansfield, TXoften ask of ways to fix a slab leak, it is a structural maintenance issue that almost everyone faces at some time.

Before discussing ways to fix a slab leak, it is important to know that an early identification can lead to an early solution. Ignoring a slab leak can only make matters worse, it looks hideous on the ceiling of a house and after a while water starts dripping from the slab exponentially increasing the cost of repairing.

To identify the problem on the onset it is important to be wary of the symptoms of a leak. Unexplained sounds of running water, an increase in the water bill, the appearance of warm or wet spots on the floor and the cracking or buckling of foundation are some of the symptoms of a leak.

The effect these symptoms generally cause is in the form of structural damage and if in case the leak enters your home, your belongings are at the risk of being damaged and destroyed.

Since this is an issue homeowners and owners of commercial venture at Mansfield face a lot, we present to them 5 ways to fix a Slableak in Mansfield,TX. The methods to tackling a slab leak vary according to the severity of the issue.

Cut Open and Fix the Pipe

One way to fix a slab leak in Mansfield is to cutting the pipe and fixing the issue. This method is to be applied in case if you have a modern home and have recently installed the pipes in your house.

Newer buildings and houses are bound to have newer piping systems. The idea in such cases should be to penetrate the foundation, the opening of which will allow us to reach the fractured section of the pipe. This should be done with extreme care as an error can then enhance the problem rather than solving it.

Although the whole procedure should only be carried out by plumbing professionals, the activity can be divided into the following steps.

  • Identifying the damage and cutting out a section of the damaged drywall with a saw
  • To find the exact point of the leakage. Wrap a sheet of cloth around the pipe and while holding it move around until a part of the cloth gets wet
  • Since the plumbing can be messy, it is imperative to place a container under the leak so that the spills within it
  • Once the leak has been spotted, the next step will be to cut the point below the leak
  • Dry the Pipe
  • Using a pipe cutter, cut above the leak
  • Clean the pipe
  • After blowtorching both the ends of the copper repair sleeve use it to repair the leak
  • Once done fixing the pipe patch the wall.


For homes and residential buildings in Mansfield which are relatively older and in places where leaks are a frequent and a chronic issue the re piping of the entire line is a way to fix a Slab leak in Mansfield, TX.

The process involves the replacement of the supply lines. It is a process of installing a completely new copper re pipe system. The first part of the process is to remove the old readily used pipes, followed by the installation of the new properly strapped and secured pipes.

Once the pipes are installed the flow of the water is turned on back again, the system is then pressure tested. The process of re piping takes up to 1-3 days; once you are done with the re piping the final step is the patching of the walls.

Before the re piping begins a standard site inspection which determines the structure of the pipe is carried out. It is important that during the site inspection the professionals are made aware of all existing faucets and fixtures.

Not including a fixture in a proposal may eventually cost you more, because once re piping begins it is difficult to add addition al layers to it.

Pipe Coating

In cases where pipes cannot easily or cost effectively be repaired, pipe coating becomes an option. For people looking for an easier less costly and temporary option to fix their slab leak in Mansfield pipe coating can be the way out.

The process involves the use of epoxy pipe coating to fix the pipe from within. The epoxy coating is applied on the internal pipe and it helps in repairing pipes that are old and leaky.

The best thing about the process is that it does not affect our daily lives. The process involves the draining of water completely out of the system. To get rid of the moisture left behind dry heated air is used, this dries off the excess moisture.

Sandblasting is performed to smooth a rough service; the sandblasting also gives the epoxy coating a layer and a surface that it can bind itself to. Then finally epoxy coating is sprayed on pipes until they are finally coated.

The main purpose of epoxy coating is to create a barrier between water and pipes, this helps in keeping corrosion at bay and also helps in protecting you against groundwater contamination.

A slab leak can happen any time, ignoring the symptoms presented above can only enhance the problem. Emergencies like these require professional help because the methods explained require the hand of a skilled technician a technician who is in complete harmony with his craft.

It has now become easy to fix a slab leak in Mansfield, TX. The presence of Benjamin Franklin plumbers has ensured that all slab leaks in residencies around the Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth and Dalworthington area do not go unnoticed.

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