What You Know About Slab Leak Repair Can Save You A Lot of Money | Arlington, TX

What You Know About Slab Leak Repair Can Save You A Lot of Money | Arlington, TX

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We’re slableak.com, experts in slab leak repair serving the Arlington, TX area. If you’re reading this you, already know that slab leaks can lead to complex and expensive repairs and you want to know more. That’s excellent, because knowing the signs of potential problems can put you in control. You notice problems like a hot water heater suddenly struggling to keep up with your daily use, and you realize it’s time to call us. If you need a repair, our industry-leading expertise can lead to big savings on an important plumbing service, simply by catching the problem earlier.

These Days, We Have Simpler Answers for Slab Leak Repair Concerns

Are you afraid that, if you call about a possible slab leak repair, the first thing that will happen is somebody appears at your home and starts breaking up concrete in your basement? In the past, the only way to find leaks was to visually locate them, whether they were in the walls and ceilings, the sewer line under your yard, or under the concrete slab in your basement. It could be traumatic for the homeowner, but putting off repairs could mean water and even sewage damage that became extensive and required remediation. We sympathize. We’ve also gathered equipment and skills that help enormously in finding your leaks and getting them fixed with a minimum of disruption and, when you call us as soon as you suspect a problem, a minimum of collateral damage as well. It’s a win-win, as much as a repair can be.

Time for Detective Work? Call Slableak.com for Investigation and Slab Leak Repair

If your home in the Arlington, TX area is showing signs of water leaks, it could be happening under the slab where you can’t see it. Your first clue could be on paper, with changes in your water bill that you can’t account for, since the water is disappearing into the ground from water line pipes under the slab. You may also notice that hot water pipes are leaking, by experiencing worse performance and recovery from your water heater, or even finding warm spots on your basement floor where the hot water is traveling freely underneath. If things are getting worse, you could see cracks in the floor or foundation walls from the pressure of accumulating water in the adjacent soil.

Our Team of Slab Leak Detectives

It takes a careful, systematic approach and lots of experience to be a good slab leak repair technician. You need to understand where leaks tend to occur, and why. You must have advanced skills and training for using leak detection equipment that can help you identify and pinpoint the leak without cutting through walls and concrete. It’s also important to determine the extent of the leak problem, so that you can anticipate and address the damage that may have occurred. While finding a pipe leak and repairing it is the basic solution, leaving the property in good shape is the ultimate goal.

How You Can Help Our Detectives

Do you hear the sound of running water for no reason? Is your water meter counting gallons you don’t think you’re using? Are those gallons causing your bill to rise unexpectedly? There’s probably a leak somewhere, including under the slab. Helping us narrow down whether you need a slab leak repair or other leak detective work, make note of these clues as well:

  • Cracks in the floor or walls, usually in the basement.
  • Wet carpets or flooring in the basement, or the presence and smell of mildew.
  • Bug problems developing as more water becomes available to them in your basement.
  • Sewage smells from shifts that break sewage lines.
  • Other signs of unexpected water rising up through sumps, outside your foundation, or in your yard near your house.

The more of these clues you gather, the more you can help us perform an accurate and effective slab leak repair. The sooner you call us with your concerns, the less damage from water leaks there may be. Don’t delay while you gather months of data, though.

What We Do When We Perform a Slab Leak Repair

We think about what caused the slab leak. It could be direct wear on the pipes, corrosion, or pressure from shifting ground nearby. This helps us understand whether the problem is likely to be localized or could be across the plumbing under your basement slab. Once we have some understanding of the extent of the problem, we have three basic strategies for recovery from the slab leak:

  • Pipe repair
  • Rerouting pipes
  • Repiping

For a simple leak from corrosion, we can dig under or break through the concrete and make a fairly simple pipe repair or epoxy pipe lining that doesn’t require digging. For older pipes, that might not be a complete solution, though. In that case, we can reroute the pipe section through new pipe. In much older homes, it may be time to start fresh with repiping. We’ll gather the evidence and present our case for which is the wisest and most cost-effective for your home.

If Your Basement Floods

If necessary, we also ensure that your basement flooding damage from the slab leak is correctly mitigated, not just dried and cleaned. It’s important to make sure that you don’t have to deal with mold and mildew with related allergy concerns in the future, along with potential effects from mold damage on your home’s resale someday.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

Early detection and slab leak repair not only saves on the repair in many cases, it also can make it easier to get payment from your homeowners’ insurance for the repair and related damage.

Discover the Benefits of Catching Slab Leaks Early with Slableak.com

Call us early when you suspect problems with water leaks, especially under the slab. Our expert slab leak detectives get to the root of the problem using modern technologies and repair techniques.