Find The Best Slab Leak Detection Service Around With | Mansfield, TX

Find The Best Slab Leak Detection Service Around With | Mansfield, TX

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Slab leak detection in a home is very important. If this starts happening, it is something that needs to be addressed early on. A slab leak can end up causing a great deal of damage to the foundation of your home and your belongings. It can be somewhat difficult to detect a slab leak because there are no specific alarm systems that will give you this kind of warning. Sometimes, this means that the slab leak will progress to the point where it will cause heaving within the foundation of your home.

In some cases, by the time you have discovered the slab leak, there may already be a great deal of damage. This is why it really helps to know some slab leak detection techniques, so that you will be able to detect the problem early on.

Slab Leak Detection Tips

There are a few ways in which you can detect slab leaks early on. This can be very important in order to prevent further damage.

Spots on Your Floor

In some cases, if you see a spot on your floor, it will mean a leak in a slab. This could mean that the hot water lines that are running underneath the slab have holes in them or are broken. These warm spots are fairly common, since hot water tends to amplify the rate of erosion that happens due to chemical reactions within the pipe. However, if there is a hotspot on your floor, this could also mean that there is a leaking valve on the bathroom shower or sink that is located near the slab. These causes may not be particularly serious, but you do need to take care of them as soon as you can before they become very serious. This is why early detection of slab leaks is important in this case.

Higher Water Bills

In some cases, your water bill will go up significantly without any apparent cause. If you are consuming the same amount of water that you always have and you are still noticing a sudden increase in your water bills, this could be due to a slab leak. The majority of leaks occur within the slabs, so that they are hard to identify and see with your naked eye. If you have an increased water bill, this could very often mean that there is a leak somewhere within your home. Because of this, it is important to constantly monitor how much water you are consuming every month, so that you are able to notice any little change in the water bill. This is because early slab leak detection is important, and it’s good to notice a change when it is still small.

Sound of Water Running in the Walls

If you hear running water inside your Mandfield, TX walls, this is a clear sign that there is a slab leak. In order to figure out whether this is the issue, what you should do is close all of the running taps in your home and listen to any sound that is coming from within the walls. You should also check the water meter on the wall. If you happen to see that the pointer is running, this could mean that there is a hidden running source, which in some cases means a slab leak.

Low Water Pressure

Sometimes, water pressure can be low because of debris in the water, a buildup of minerals within the pipes, faulty valves, or water leaks. If you have determined that none of these other things are an issue, it is most likely that the low water pressure is because of a slab leak. In order to figure out the specific cause, you should determine all of the water points in your home. Run the water to figure out which points have low pressure. If you see this at specific locations, figure out the features of these points. You should determine whether the location is near a slab, as this could help with slab leak detection.

Foundation Movements

Sometimes, when there is a leak in a slab, there will also be movements and cracks within the foundation. Water can find its way through slabs and move downwards until it reaches the foundation. This will interfere with the stability of the concrete and can lead to settlement. This condensed result in movement, as well as cracks, due to instability combined with overlying pressure of the house. This is why you should not ignore any foundation issue and call a slab leak detection professional immediately to handle the problem.

General Issues Around the House

Another thing about slab leak detection is realizing that it can cause general problems around your home. These can vary quite a bit, from a general odor inside the house or in the compound to cracks in the floors and walls. A detection professional may be able to figure this out and tell you what kind of repair technique should be used.

Finding the Slab Leak

There are many different methods when it comes to slab leak detection and finding a slab leak. Some methods are not destructive, while some are. However, you should keep in mind that the non-destructive tools are quite a bit more expensive than the ones that caused destruction. The choice will depend on what you can afford and what kind of results you want. If you are completely convinced that there is a slab leak in your home, you will need to look at your options and consult with a slab leak professional to see what you should do.


If you happen to be in need of a slab leak detection service in Mansfield, TX, you should feel free to contact the trained professionals at These individuals will be able to answer any questions you have about detection and perhaps be able to guide you in the correct direction as to what you should be doing with any slab leak that may be occurring in your home.