Do You Have a Leak Slab? Here Are Five Signs to Look Out For! | Slab Leak in Mansfield, TX

Do You Have a Leak Slab? Here Are Five Signs to Look Out For! | Slab Leak in Mansfield, TX

Slab leak in Mansfield, TX can be a rather common occurrence, unfortunately, and can lead to extensive problems. It can be a headache if you do not take appropriate and timely measures to curtail its occurrence. Early detection of slab leak can help you minimize the damage substantially and would also save you from spending huge bucks on the repairs later. Slab leak in Mansfield, TX happening in the slab foundation of your home can be quite troublesome. It can cause exponential damage to the structure of your home and lead you towards a substantial monetary loss in form of spoiled furniture, walls, and plumbing.

To avoid such damage caused by slab leak in Mansfield, TX, it is important that you remain vigilant of a number of signs that can be indicators of leaks happening in your plumbing. If you are able to achieve early detection, it will ultimately save you significant expense. Here are a few indicators:


1.    Sudden Rise in Water Bills

Nobody likes escalating energy bills and an increase in their rate is something that rarely gets unnoticed. So, if you realize that your water bills are increasing at a pace that is more than normal, instantly have your plumbing system inspected by a team of professionals with expertise in slab leak in Mansfield, TX.

When there is a leak in your plumbing, it allows the water to run around the clock which ultimately causes a spike in your water bill. So, if you see an abnormal rise in your water bills in past months, slab leak has to be the troublemaker because there is no other reason.

2.    Signs of Water Pooling

The second indication of slab leak in Mansfield, TX is the pooling of water under the foundation of your home. Water remains pooled at a particular place until it finds a way to escape. This water is most of the times leaking from the slab foundation on the outside of the home.

So, remain careful about such puddles you find on the outer boundary of your home. If it’s not rain, then it is definitely slab leak. Even rain water gets evaporated, but water leaking from the slab foundation does not because it is backed by continuous flow caused by leakage. So, if you do not have any hoses in the vicinity, or there are no other sources of water, it means you have a slab leak.

Besides the outer side of your home, you can also look out for water pooling in your kitchen and bathroom floors. It could be due to leaking taps and water appliances that you can check, but if it isn’t them, it is the slab. Water leaking from slab can push itself up and emerge on your kitchen and bathroom flooring. If you see this sign emerging, the first thing you need to do is contact the services for repairing slab leak in Mansfield, TX, before you encounter any damage.

3.    Damp Floors

As mentioned, your kitchen and bathroom flooring can very well be affected by slab leak in Mansfield, TX. But they are not the only floors you should be looking out for. Your carpeted rooms and hard flooring can also get affected by slab leaks, and show you evident damage. This sign, although, takes some time to show up as the water gets accumulated and gets absorbed in the carpet or flooring.

The sign may go unnoticed if you are not watchful of the corners and sideways. If you see damp spots emerging on the carpet or warping happening on flooring, you should not overlook it, but instantly check for slab leak. Not addressing this sign for long can result in damaging your floor and carpet. It can even cause the growth of mold in your home that not only causes unpleasant odor but also impact the air quality.

4.    Mold Developing on Walls

This is one of the signs which showcases that you have left the slab leak problem unaddressed for long. Slab leak in Mansfield, TX can cause mold. As mentioned above, when leakage affects your carpet or hard flooring, you may face the problem of mold, but they are not the only places where these organisms grow.

Slab leak promotes mold and mildew growth on walls as well. The damp wall is likely to offer a home to mold. So, if you are beginning to have a bad smell coming out from your walls, it is likely that there is a slab leak. Before such a sign starts to appear, it is better you consult a company for slab leak in Mansfield, TX to give your home a thorough inspection to detect any leakage in the plumbing.

5.    Sudden Rise in Floor Temperature

This sign is a rather hard and complicated to detect. What happens is that when you have a slab leak on the hot water side, the leaking water eventually heats up the concrete that is directly above it. As a result, the heat of concrete, with time, gets transferred to your flooring. This sign of heated floors is nearly impossible to detect when you have a carpeted home.

However, if you have hardwood flooring, tiles or linoleum, you can easily detect the heating of floor, indicating a leak in the slab. So, if you notice such sign, or see your pets resting on a particular spot regularly during cold days, this indicates that you have a leak in the hot water side.

These signs for slab leak in Mansfield, TX are encountered commonly. It is important that you take notice of them and indulge in an appropriate procedure to ensure that the leak is curtailed at the earliest possible.

Getting the right help at the right time can help you minimize the damage and limit the cost. If you choose to overlook, you will only face bigger troubles in form of increased energy bills, damaged assets, and increased repair and replacement costs.

A wiser approach is to have a regular inspection of your home’s plumbing by professionals so that any issue can be addressed right in the beginning with minimal cost.